Saturday, July 28, 2007

This will not be in any headlines

Of U.S. papers. Via Moonbootica of Devizes Melting Pot:
The Muslim community has rallied round to donate more than 20,000 bottles of water to flood-hit areas.

Mosques in Leicester raised more than £5,000 after Friday prayers yesterday to help those caught up in the disaster.

They also organised transport and donations of bottled water to people in Gloucestershire, which has been worst hit by the recent flooding.

A truck filled with half-litre bottles of water - donated by a Leicester businessman - was due to set off this afternoon.

Gloucestershire police will escort the lorry to where the need for water is most desperate.

The 21,000 bottles were packed through the day yesterday outside Evington Road Mosque.

The first load of water has been donated by a city cash and carry, which wished to remain anonymous.

The £5,000 raised will pay for at least one more truck-load of bottles to be sent next week.
Islam supports charity and generosity. Have we in America been told this? When we realize that al-Qaeda militant Islam is similar to the worst branch of the KKK Christian movement, we can see how the religion of Islam has been hijacked by terrorists.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly right. The KKK Christians. They preach hatred, not love.

ellroon said...

Jesus would not recognize anything they do as Christ-like.