Monday, July 23, 2007

4 out of 5 people think David Brooks is a moron

But then I just made up those numbers:

Yesterday, Media Matters observed that on this week’s Meet the Press, New York Times columnist David Brooks admitted to using a made-up statistic in order to argue against withdrawal from Iraq.

Specifically, Brooks rehashed the right-wing talking point that withdrawal in Iraq would certainly lead to “genocide,” alleging that 10,000 Iraqis a month would die after redeployment. But Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward quickly forced Brooks’ to admit his statistics were baseless:

BOB WOODWARD: I mean, you cite numbers which you have pulled out of the air of 10,000 dying. I mean, that’s–that–where does that come from? […]

DAVID BROOKS: So I just picked that 10,000 out of the air.

So... can anyone do this?

Less than 3 people think Bush is a genius.

(This is fun!)


Anonymous said...

Should I stay or should I go now?

ellroon said...

Hello I must be going...

It's not a pretty sight when windbags like Brooks deflate on the airwaves...

Anonymous said...

Ironically, we are forcing them to be honest at last, and they say, "I have no clue what I am talking about," this is the beginning of wisdom. Next is to start listening and figuring out what is really going on so you will have a clue what you are talking about again. Along the way will come repentence, and this will happen when he understands what he has been doing.

Anonymous said...

Remember that this too shall pass

ellroon said...

This may pass, but what is coming could be a lot worse.

I love your optimism, whig, and your love of humanity.

But who would have thought during the Clinton years we would have been thrown so far back into the dark ages so quickly? Who knew we had so many stupidly benighted people who wanted Bush to be Jesus? Who knew that we had so many people who would willingly follow a cult of personality rather than the Constitution? Where did these people come from?

I hope, but I protect that hope with doubt and cynicism.