Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why do people assume that McCain would be good at foreign policy?

What about his thoughtless statement that we would spend 100/ 10,000 years in Iraq? That we would have more wars? That we should bomb Iran or make them die from our cigarettes? His words are often stunningly undiplomatic. Haven't we seen what such a style of presidency brings to the world stage?

Clearly much of McCain's refusal to leave Iraq is based on the retreat and defeat in the Vietnam War.

Why did he rush down to Colombia to hang around while a years long hostage crisis was resolved... did he hope he'd be thought to have had something to do with it?

Shouldn't we be worried that he mixes up nations like Somalia and Sudan, that he hasn't updated Czechoslovakia, that he does not know Iran actually helped us fight al-Qaeda in Afghanistan? Why would this tendency for major gaffes be good?

What about when he rushed out to stand in front of the Stars and Stripes to say that we were all Georgians now when, as a senator, he could not speak for all Americans but only apparently for his Georgian lobbyist? Did he really think encouraging Georgia in starting a war with Russia would get him into the Oval Office? One that would be totally and completely impossible to win? Does he really miss the Cold War that much that he wants to reactivate it?

Couldn't that be translated as actually starting a war for political gain?


mapaghimagsik said...

I think because they really think the only way to conduct foreign policy is through the military.

Thank you, cold war.

ellroon said...

Reminds me of the bumpersticker: War is God's way of teaching Americans geography...

cosmic tumbler said...

Two reasons:

1. The irrational believe that there is a connection between being a POW and foreign policy.

2. The other guy's black.

ellroon said...

Yes. Read driftglass on our unspoken racism...