Monday, August 11, 2008

US mercenaries like Blackwater fighting Russians?

Earlier today, RIA-Novosti’s Russia Today TV broadcast a report detailing possible U.S. involvement in the conflict. Eduard Kokoity, the president of South Ossetia told Russia Today Ukrainians and mercenaries from the Baltics as well as nationals from other countries were involved in the fighting, as “foreigners have been found among their bodies.” Dmitry Medoev, the South Ossetian envoy to Russia, confirms this claim. “In yesterday’s most recent tank attack, the advancing tanks were supposedly crewed by Ukrainians. Two unidentified bodies found today are said to be black, possibly they are Americans, but we can’t say for sure yet.”


In another report, a woman interviewed by Russia Today in Tsknivali, South Ossetia, talked about the presence of Georgian troops with American insignias. “There are lots of bodies over there, a lot of people have been killed, mostly Ossetians, but also Georgians, they had American emblems on their forearms and they were in black uniforms,” she said.

Black uniforms are a trademark of Blackwater and DynCorp mercenaries (see Chris Hedges, America’s Holy Warriors). DynCorp’s presence in Eastern Europe is well documented, particularly in occupied Bosnia where it engaged in sex-trafficking and prostitution.

In a Friday press conference, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Security Committee Vladimir Vasilyev said without U.S. aid, Tbilisi would have been unable to start military operation in South Ossetia. “The further the situation unfolds, the more the world will understand that Georgia would never be able to do all this without America,” said Vasilyev. “In essence, the Americans have prepared the force, which destroys everything in South Ossetia, attacks civilians and hospitals.”

It is entirely feasible the U.S. has “prepared the force” with mercenaries as well.
What a surprise. The Bush administration really does miss the Cold War, doesn't it? Wants to bring back the good old days?

The Russian news website Izvestia is reporting that an African American soldier/mercenary has been captured by Russian forces. He was captured with a number of Georgian soldiers, whose specialty was in handling ordinances. The report mentions that they believe he is a Nato instructor, and that he has been transferred to the Russian base of Vladikavkaz.


Anonymous said...

The Russians are definitely using "volunteers" in their push.

You would need independent confirmation for Russian claims for one simple reason: mercs fight for money, and Georgia doesn't have any.

ellroon said...

Hey! You're in Spain! Hope you are having a delightful time. (Was about to say a blast, then decided this was no longer a good thing...)

Thanks for the info. I heard on the Maddow show that Georgia actually had an amazingly vibrant economy... because of the US and oil pipelines and stuff, but I've not been able to verify it yet.

But more and more it looks like we egged the Georgian breakaways to attack...

Bush and Cheney may be thwarted in their attempts to attack Iran, but attacking Russia is next best. The good old days of the Cold War and all that.

Anonymous said...


I'm still on the Florida Panhandle. I haven't been in Spain since Franco died.

There are a lot of towns around here that are named for towns or regions in Spain like Valparaiso, Andalusia, Navarre, Pensacola, etc. reflecting the fact that Spain was once the landlord.

ellroon said...

weird... I misread a sitemeter log thingie. It was late! I was in a hurry! I was on the phone, eating dinner, doing the laundr... oh well.

Florida is just as ferrin as Hawaii to some of us. Have fun...or something.