Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Biden was chosen because Obama is weak?

Hijacking shamelessly from Steve Bates of The Yellow Doggerel Democrat, these will be used when John McCain makes his pick for VP:
  • John McCain picks a running mate who is noted as a cool-headed clear thinker. Therefore McCain is compensating for his widespread and apparently well-deserved reputation for being hotheaded and irrational.

  • John McCain chooses a running mate who is younger than he is (he could hardly do otherwise), obviously to compensate for his being older than dirt and treading on the edge of senility.

  • John McCain, compensating once again, picks a veep candidate who actually earned his fortune the hard way, and stuck with his first wife, rather than ditching his ailing wife to marry one who is younger, more attractive, and... most of all... obscenely wealthy.

  • John McCain selects a vice presidential candidate who has never crashed even one aircraft, let alone five.

  • John McCain chooses a veep candidate who graduated first in his class at a military academy, rather than 5th from the bottom of the class.

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