Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is this actually because McCain despises the telepromter?

The details remains sketchy. But based on a press conference held moments ago by McCain campaign chairman Rick Davis, the Republicans are planning to cancel or radically scale back some or perhaps even all of this year's Republican convention. All that seems certain now is that the convention will be called to order tomorrow afternoon and stay in session for roughly two hours -- between 3 PM and 5 PM local time. They'll do some official business but eschew openly partisan activities.

From there forward it appears they'll wait to see just how protracted and bad the landfall in Louisiana is, and then go from there, deciding on a day by day basis how much of a convention to hold on that day.

Davis still left the question up in the air. But it appears that there is a good chance that McCain will give his acceptance speech not in person in Minnesota but rather by satellite link somewhere in the Gulf region.
And I betcha he won't be caught eating cake, either.



Distributorcap said...


on a different
i am no a conspiracy nut but this palin baby thing is just not ringing right

have you read about --- go to pulp friction on my blogroll and see what she has

it is really creepy - who knows what it is -- but the whole thing just stinks (like all the GOP)

ellroon said...

A lot of thread was burned up over at Eschaton discussing this very topic today.

A lot of us were curious, wondering if it showed she would manipulate the media and lie, others thought it was intrusive and none of our business. A fundamentalist mom hiding her daughter's mistake? Could be.

For me, the party that wants to insist on knowing and controlling what I do in my bedroom and my womb has no right to hide their own sexual mistakes.

Steve Bates said...

I'm sure someone has said this already, but I can't help believing it's a Rovean trap of some sort, like the fake-or-real Bush military document that sank Dan Rather. I'd be very, very careful about this one.

Oh, and FWIW, it's none of my damned business whose biological child it is, and Down's Syndrome is a tragedy in any case. Let's show a bit more compassion, folks.

Steve Bates said...

For clarity, I'm most certainly NOT saying that you, ellroon, were not exhibiting compassion... but a few lefty bloggers out there have been IMHO too eager to make political grist of this child's misfortune.

Is Palin a hypocrite? Maybe. We just don't know at this point, and I'd rather pursue her well-documented shortcomings, e.g., her environmental indifference when there's money to be made.

Unknown said...

I think John McCain is thanking his lucky stars that a major natural disaster just might save him. 1) He gets rid of Bush & Cheney conveniently (a sure kill-joy at the convention that's trying to say they are not really republicans just mavericks who happen to be republican and 2)all the no-show republicans who weren't going anyway can now be put on the hurricane instead of John McCain and 3) the biggest windfall of them all - John McCain accepting his party's nomination on site of the hurricane (Steven Speilberg couldn't have planned it better!!) So all this baloney that McCain is thinking of America first and canceling at the very least the night that Pres. Bush and Cheney were going to speak is just exploiting a true national disaster for his own means. Boy does he think he's P.T. Barnum or what!?

ellroon said...

Wasn't it P.T. Barnum that said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time....?" No, wait. That was Lincoln.

His was,"A sucker is born every minute". Think that's one of McCain's core beliefs.

ellroon said...

Thanks Steve, I'm trying to step lightly here.

I wouldn't care if Sarah did step in to fake a pregnancy to help her daughter. Mothers will do amazing things for their children, as is their wont.

I feel for the family, the daughter, the baby, even Sarah. But things were handled oddly, which feeds the conspiracy theories. (The daughter absent with mono for months during the same period as the pregnacy, the odd flight with Sarah in labor...)

There is plenty to sift through and study to see what kind of person Palin will be without attacking this aspect.

And yet... whenever I see one more Republican politician or rightwing minister going down in flames over some sexual perversion, I get angry that they are the ones who think they can legislate morality.

So any fundamentalist woman who is adamantly anti-choice, who thinks she can make laws that will restrict other women's ability to control their own reproduction.... then I would like to have her own lies involving sex exposed.

But I'll say it again, I don't think we'll need to go there. Palin has left quite a trail and apparently the GOP vetting wasn't very thorough.

ellroon said...

For a final word, Kevin Hayden of American Street.