Monday, February 19, 2007

The way a country treats its needy, poor, and helpless

Shows the world its priorities, morality, and soul.

Americablog has delved into the horrors awaiting the Gulf veterans. Saying no to a legless vet wanting to be at a Bush ceremony honoring another vet, refusing aid to a soldier with mental difficulties, denying services at Walter Reed, abusing veterans, removing from a committee chair a GOP official too 'vet-friendly'.

Supporting the troops?

No, Soldier Bond, we expect you to die!

Update: Gee. Shine a little spotlight on the horrors Walter Reed is making our soldiers endure...and they fix the place up!

Walter Reed Army Medical Center began repairs today on Building 18, a former hotel used to house outpatients recuperating from combat injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has been plagued with mold, leaky plumbing and a broken elevator.

The facility's commander, Maj. Gen. George Weightman, said Army staff members inspected each of the 54 rooms at the building and discovered that outstanding repair orders for half the rooms had been completed, but he said mold removal had begun on several rooms. He also said holes in ceilings, stained carpets and leaking faucets were being fixed.

Glenn Greenwald talks about Dana Priest's reporting:
Within the past few days, Priest (along with Post reporter Anne Hull) has published two separate, amply documented articles detailing the wretched conditions which the Bush administration has imposed on U.S. troops who are wounded in battle. Priest's articles powerfully demonstrate that those who exploit troops as a prop to shield themselves from criticism and justify a whole array of extremist policies could not, in fact, care any less for the welfare of the troops whom they exploit.
And takes apart Jonah Goldberg's pooh-poohing of her work:
Finally, whatever benign intent might have been inferred from Jonah's original post was undermined, I think, by his subsequent posting with approval of that anonymous e-mail which had no purpose other than to suggest that this whole story was overblown and contrived. Either way, it simply is striking that upon reading those very lengthy, well-documented, and somewhat wrenching articles, Jonah's instinct was to question the reporters' credibility and quickly post an unverified e-mail designed to dilute the entire story. But that reaction is preferable, I suppose, to Jonah's fellow troop-exploiting warmongers, who seem to want to ignore the story completely.

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