Monday, February 19, 2007

America abroad

Jeremy Kinsman was Canada's ambassador to the European Union from 2002 until his retirement earlier this year. Before that he was high commissioner to London as well as ambassador to Russia and Italy. He joined Canada's foreign service in 1966 and currently resides on Vancouver Island.

Jeremy Kinsman's article:
Defined by Bush:
University of Michigan political scientist Andrei Markovits doesn't mince words in writing that Europeans see Bush as "arrogant, uncouth, uncultured, ignorant, inconsiderate, and aggressive," in short, as the "quintessential ugly American."
Defined by US actions:

A report from the Princeton University Working Group on Anti-Americanism urges caution: "America's image problem is increasingly much bigger than its current administration." But what does that mean exactly?

The polls do show that people around the world also object to America's actions or views on global warming, Guantanamo detainees, Iran and the recent Israel-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon.

Defined by American people:

While they object to the actions of the U.S. government, the vast majority of foreigners have retained affection for the American people. A survey taken in 44 countries shows that 43 per cent of respondents regard Americans themselves in a "somewhat favourable light," while 21 per cent look on them "very favourably."

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