Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unpatched holes in Firefox, IE

Firefox and Internet Explorer users beware: There are serious, unpatched flaws in both browsers that could allow the manipulation of authentication cookies and the hijacking of files from your Windows machine.


mapaghimagsik said...

Yeekers, this is a problem with *nix and firefox as well, since you could make a web page which could force an upload of /etc/passwd, which doesn't contain passwords, but does contain account names that could then be attacked via dictionary attack.

Still, accounts like that have to be set up for remote access or ssh access, and most folks don't let root be set up for remote access, but even a decent enough account access can then let someone attack root.

But still, feel safer being on Linux or Mac than Windows. Yes, I'm a bigot. ;)

ellroon said...

Thanks, mapaghimagsik.

Posted this because my entire family is involved in computers. I've learned how to put a computer together and download software, but the holes in my education are huge.

Although several of us run on Linux, sadly only one of my extended family has a Mac....