Monday, February 26, 2007

Some city in the United States will be nuked

And we are distracted with the state of Anna Nicole Smith's decomposition and the Oscars. Paul Slansky of Huffington Post:

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are our native Manchurian candidates - could anyone from anywhere else have damaged us more? Muslim terrorists are obsessed with the idea of killing as many Americans as possible. They wake up thinking about it, they spend their days thinking about it, they go to bed thinking about it, and then they dream about it. It is what their entire lives are about, and everything Bush and Cheney have done in the Middle East has increased the numbers of such people exponentially. By any laws of logic and reason, this means that they have made us not safer but, rather, enormously less safe.

We had no trouble calling the suicide bombers crazy for believing that seventy-two virgins would be waiting for them in Heaven. Is born-again Bush any less nuts to believe he'll be rising up to Heaven during the Rapture? For all we know, Armageddon has been his intentional goal from the start. It's almost the only explanation that makes sense. America is Flight 93. It's been hijacked and it's about to crash, and every single one of us has to charge the cockpit.

We have been warned. Al Qaeda is still "determined to strike in U.S." Michael Scheuer is the new Richard Clarke, and he says they're going to set off a nuke here. And if we know it, Bush and Cheney know it, every congressman and senator knows it, and everyone in the media knows it. And yet it's not a big story. Hello? Government people? Media people? I live in L.A. and I'm terrified. You live in New York and Washington, the two likeliest targets. Why aren't you shrieking in the streets?

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whig said...

Actually, I think they're targeting San Francisco given their hatred of everything we represent.

whig said...

Let's just say they'd war game the scenario, and that maintains plausible deniability of actually carrying it out. Besides, they have patsies for that, don't they?

whig said...

Realistically they wouldn't try anything larger than they can blame on some people other than themselves, so it couldn't be some kind of ICBM attack.

whig said...

The main target would be the internet.

ellroon said...

Whig, I'm doing what I've done before. Describe the most extreme actions possible because, as we have seen with this administration, they have gone further into outrageousness than we ever imagined. And maybe saying it will prevent it from happening.

Basically you are right. The neocons can't use missiles because the money pit Star Wars project is supposed to be protecting us. That failure would put the blame on their doorstep.

West coast = liberals = no big loss. The nuke doesn't have to be big at all, a dirty bomb, even a dud that just takes out a building. They want the fear factor.

And of course the net would have to collapse. It's giving way too much power to the common man.

Then they assume we would be compliant and fearful sheep.

I laugh when I write this and then I shudder. Who knew we would leave the government and life we knew 6 years ago and would end up where we are now? And we have how many more months of these guys? How much more harm can they do before the country finally gets their pitchforks and torches?