Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Al Gore uses electricity!

This is obviously a hypocritical thing to do.

I bet he breathes air, too, damn him!


Steve Bates said...

The real irony is that Gore purchases 100 percent equivalent (electrons of course are indistinguishable) of his electricity from providers of "green" sources... solar, wind, and (as best I remember) methane... so that the impact on global warming is small compared to comparably sized households burning more conventional fuels. (I was working on a post about this when local reality intervened and delayed my finishing it; thanks for pointing this out.)

Bryan said...

He lives in the family home which is probably on the register of historical buildings and is ancient. He would probably like to live in a normal-sized house where the windows work and the door frames are square, but he's obligated to maintain the house and contents.

The contents have to be kept at reasonable temperatures and humidity, which isn't easy in an old house, and he probably can't replace all of the windows and slap on aluminum siding after the walls get insulated because it's an historic building.

In Britain he could just turn the place over to the National Trust and get a comfortable little house somewhere, but he has obligations.

ellroon said...

Quoting Mia Culpa (linked in the post) quoting MSNBC:
The think tank said that Gore used nearly 221,000 kilowatt hours last year and that his average monthly electric bill was $1,359. Johnson said his group got its figures from Nashville Electric Service.

But electric company spokeswoman Laurie Parker said the utility never got a request from the policy center and never provided them with any information.

Parker said Gore has been purchasing the "green power" for $432 a month since November. The Gore home is also under renovation to add solar panels, Kreider said.

As Needlenose said, thanks to the conservative mouthbreathers who, in trying to take down Gore, have educated many of us on how to save energy. Needlenose tells us how: