Friday, July 31, 2009

If Cats reported the news

Rumors are flying on the street!

Obama was born to an underaged woman married to a Kenyan who dared have her baby in a foreign country and decided to fake his birth certificate so that he could lie his way into the White House!!1!!

What do you think, Whiskers?


You weren't born in the south, were you, Whiskers?

And Obama is the Anti-Christ!!1


Eep! Over to you, Stripes:

Dick Armey says only dirty fucking flower children believe in global warming.


Thank you Stripes. Now to you, Molly Kibblecruncher:

Um... Farmer runs his dairy on poop.


You want a real eww? Astronaut wears underpants for a month.


Breaking news: Suspected foot-fetish attacker sought by authorities


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