Saturday, July 18, 2009

Palin may deny global warming

But her state can't. Is that one of the many reasons she's running away from governing?

In 2003, the US General Accounting Office reported that 184 villages in Alaska are facing problems with flooding or erosion. One of those is called Shishmaref, situated about 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle. In the past, Shishmaref owed its existence to the permafrost, so that coastal erosion was firmly under control. Over the last 30 years, Alaska's average temperatures have gone up by four degrees. Now Shishmaref is in trouble. These facts were taken from Dana Lixenberg's The Last Days of Shishmaref, a portrait of the little village that is now slowly being eaten by the sea. The village is home to about 600 Inupiaq people, who are going to lose their homes.

In 2007, filmmaker Jan Louter invited the photographer to come along to Shishmaref. The result of the work can be seen in the form of a documentary film and as the book The Last Days of Shishmaref.


Distributorcap said...

wasnt global warming like for the dinosaurs ---- you know when man killed them all from a hunting helicopter.


ellroon said...

Lol! I'm just starting Pierce's 'Idiot America' where he talks about the catalyst for his book was looking at the Creationist Museum... with the saddle on the dinosaur.

Palin's ancestors musta hunted dinosaurs from their ancient trained pterodactyls...