Saturday, July 04, 2009

OMG! Omens and portends!

It's the end of days.....


Edmonton, Alberta (AHN) - The woes of Alberta's farmers continue to multiply. Even as they struggle financially with losses arising from one of Canada's worst drought, parts of the province are under threat of a grasshopper attack.

The farmers expressed apprehension that the insect may even damage whatever crop will be spared by the ongoing dry spell. Areas where farmers have reported grasshopper invasions are the Peace River zone, southwest of Edmonton and Alberta's southeast.

These are the same areas identified by Alberta's Agriculture and Rural Department as having elevated grasshopper infestation risk in 2009. The department warned that the extended hot fall will provide sufficient time for the mother grasshoppers to lay eggs in the infestation-prone areas. Aside from the warm weather, other factors identified as conducive to a grasshopper surge include light soils and south-facing slopes.
Or maybe not... with the way the economy is going, it's good to know that locusts are an edible source of protein!


Ali said...

Embarrassed to say I didn't know there was a drought in Alberta. The things I learn here.

Doubtless another victim of gaiii marriage.

ellroon said...

It's amazing the ripple effect of those bastards!

Mike Goldman said...

Some locusts are even Kosher!

ellroon said...

Do the Kosher locusts fight with the non-Kosher locusts?

Mike Goldman said...

Impossible to say, since we don't actually know which locusts are Kosher.

Of course, if they eat your crops, you might as well eat them.