Saturday, February 23, 2008

That's MY drinking water you're wasting!


Via Cookie Jill at skippy the bush kangaroo, The Christian Science Monitor:

Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which supply water and power to millions in the American Southwest, stand a 50 percent chance of running dry by 2021 unless dramatic changes take place in how the region uses water, according to a new study.

Causes include growing population, rising demand for Colorado River water, which feeds both lakes, and global warming, according to scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., who conducted the study.

The results underscore the importance of water-conservation measures that many communities throughout the region are putting into place. Other studies, some dating back nearly 20 years, have projected that Lake Mead could fall to virtually useless levels as climate warmed, but they lacked a sense of the timing. The new results, the Scripps scientists say, represent a first attempt to answer when lakes Mead and Powell would run dry, squeezing water supplies in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Here in Southern California, we've been through droughts. The worst came with restrictions on water usage: no washing of cars, no watering of lawns, no automatic glasses of water given at restaurants, a certain percent drop demanded of each household based on the last year's usage unless appealed. We had neighbors reporting on each other, dead of night furtive sprinkler usage, general idiot behavior exposed for what it was. Politicians cringe at activating drought prevention programs. We need to make it part of normal life so people don't feel their liberties are being denied when they're asked not to waste water.

We need to educate from kindergarten up: respect potable water no matter where you live. Water that has been processed so that it is safe to drink is a wonderful luxury and we need to respect it.

Start by turning off the water while you brush your teeth. Do you realize how many gallons you just saved?

Update: In China: (my bold)

Beijing, China (AHN) - More than 40 percent of drinking water in rural China is unfit for drinking, a health ministry study said Monday. The drinking water in the country's rural areas has failed to meet government standards leading to outbreaks of diarrhea and other diseases, a Ministry of Health spokesman said.


Unhealthy water led to outbreaks of diarrhea and other diseases, with 40.44 percent of surface water and 45.94 percent of ground water below the regulatory standards released in 2006.

The Ministry of Health and the National Committee for the Patriotic Public Health Campaign conducted a joint survey of nearly 7,000 samples from villages across the country. The survey found that 74.9 percent of people drank underground water while 25.1 percent drank surface water.

"Most people living in rural areas do not have their drinking water sterilized. Often they just drink the well water, which may have been polluted," Mao said.

The unhealthy water is mainly attributed to unchecked industrialization, polluting factories that cause disruptions to water supplies and microbial contamination.

However, in densely populated areas, 85.23 percent of people living in villages or counties often having their water boiled before drinking, thus lowering the chance of contracting a serious enteric infectious disease.


Anonymous said...

Distillation is better than boiling. Solar heating should be something that we can learn to use for water purification.

ellroon said...

It should be built into the systems of new houses automatically (like we had during the last energy crisis.) And we need to have gray water access for gardening, washing cars, etc... the stuff we waste so much potable water on.

It's just plain common sense which our society seems to be totally lacking.

Anonymous said...

I think there must have been some stupid period of time when people decided they should try to figure out how to live independent of the sun.

Whatever. Sun is good. Here come the sun.

ellroon said...

Better living through chemistry and electricity!

Steve Bates said...

Some of the problem is a genuine conflict between two virtues: reduced clean-water usage and health issues. I have been forced to increase my clean-water usage in the past couple of years because my minimalist approach led to repeated drainage problems in my apartment, e.g., my disposal. But I agree that a great percentage of the water most people use can be reduced drastically without affecting their lives.

The real irony is that this problem has been known for about 30 years or more. I remember discussing a gray-water system installed in a house by a Philadelphia musician I met at Oberlin BPI in... get this... 1981. There is nothing new here except the urgency of dealing with a problem long known by many people. But Americans especially are not noted for their quickness to respond to long-term problems.

ellroon said...

But Americans especially are not noted for their quickness to respond to long-term problems.

*sigh* Truer words were never spoken, Steve. I was proud of California though, during the Enron rip-off. We cut waaaaay back on electricity usage to the surprise of the company. All of us who had been through the first energy crunch remembered how to do it.

That said, we need brave politicians to keep bring this to the fore. To keep reminding us that saving water, cutting back on energy usage will help save the planet.

I'm not sure if we have any of those yet...

Anonymous said...

Did you see Dean Kamen on Colbert last night?

ellroon said...

Cool! Will post!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
wonderful to see everyones intent is the same.

We do forget that we have all around us ether ( Prana, Chi etc).

It ain't spooky anymore. Never was but we make it so don't we.

If you have ever had Reiki. If you believe in radios but don't know how they really truly work. If you have ever experienced intuition before. If you believe water is far, far more than a clear liquid, then possibly you'll be open to the concept of 'energy'/ether healing water.

Too much detail for this comment but if a radio antenna can attract a certain frequency we can't see, that carries infomation in it then surely we should be open to a device that attracts the good stuff, ether (chi, Prana) to the water source. Then, by virtue of the 'intelligence' of water, the waters current sick status is transformed to the resonance of the ether.

Weird? Maybe to many. Untrue? Not to this young duck.

I have one. A Vortex Energizer that is a stand alone device that is placed, preferably, at the mains. All water passing it will take on the resonance/energy of the attracted ether. Result. Water that tastes brilliant. Every test i do with friends comes back the same.

Maybe the world isn't ready for the implementation of this conept on a large scale but at least we can start at home/village. Maybe they'll start asking questions.

ellroon said...

Thanks, benefits. Appreciate the post and no, I have not heard of such a thing as a Vortex Energizer.

We will be needing items like this sooner than we think if we're going to be recycling water, etc. as things get scarce.

I'll keep your ideas in mind, thanks.

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Usually the people do not have aware about the importance of the water. we can not live without it. and some people waste it al the time. that is really upset.

Brooke said...

I currently use reverse osmosis for my drinking water as I do not trust our tap water anymore, however, I do not let any of the rejected water go to waste as I use it to water my plants or garden. Although, water should not be wasted.

ellroon said...

Good for you, Brooke. I'm not to the point of carrying buckets about from sink to garden, but I know those who do.