Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When the handcuffs were on their wrists

That was the moment when they realized how far the United States had fallen away from supporting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly..... as they were being arrested and removed from the hotel where Bush was to yammer about all those freedoms in a Fourth of July speech.

Logan Murphy at Crooks and Liars:
On July 4th, 2004, Jeffery and Nicole Rank attended an public Independence Day event in Charleston, WV where President Bush was to speak. Despite the fact that the event was open to the public and was held on public land, the Ranks were arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts. On Monday’s “Hardball” the couple told their astonishing story of being arrested, the charges that were filed against them and eventually dropped and why they decided to sue the United States government — a suit they thankfully won.


hipparchia said...

i was just now reading about that.

ellroon said...

Amazing how these stories are coming out now that Bush is no longer all-powerful and the bringer of the Rapture....