Saturday, August 18, 2007


She called a second time? (my bold):

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London, England (AHN) - A 51-year-old in Britain, who was kept on hold for almost eight hours by a telephone company, finally broke down and started crying out of frustration.

Hannah King, whose family was moving from Cardiff to a seafront apartment in Milford Haven, said she had to be prescribed tranquilizers after the incident to calm herself.

"I'm so angry I've been crying. My children are worried for me," the frustrated customer of a British phone company BT told the South Wales Echo.

King called the BT helpline number after an installer from the company failed to show up Tuesday at the apartment. She was then put on hold for eight hours.

However, when she again tried to call from her Cardiff landline on Wednesday morning, the helpline put her on hold for another four hours.

My husband dealt with being put on hold by a company very cleverly. After nearly an hour on hold, he then tried the 'new subscription' number. The phone was answered really quickly (how strange...) and he gave the representative an earful. Got help immediately...


JJ said...

Oh, that's beautiful (what your husband did, I mean). I will remember that next time I have to call my cable company!

ellroon said...

They'll get wise soon enough.. but they sure work harder on getting your money than keeping you happy....