Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prezitwit fer life

At least that's what some would like to see.

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mapaghimagsik said...

The Dictuminator!

Anonymous said...

The medal of Dishonor.

ellroon said...

Der Deciderer Von Snickenburger!

Anonymous said...

King George the Wurst.

Quite a shock reading that anyone actually likes him that much. Even Babs-the-Impaler doesn't like him that much.



ellroon said...

Ah, George of the Brat Wurst family, a long line of distinguished unmentionable meats stuffed into thin skins.

Babs the Impaler (love the name!!)...from Transylvania obviously, related to Vlad?

Steve Bates said...

If I'm not mistaken, he IS the third president named George. In only a couple of centuries, America has gone from tyrannical rule by George III of England to dictatorial rule by George #3 of... well, not really Texas. Is our citizens learning? If so, what is they learning? [sic(k)]

ellroon said...

They's larnin' from the bestest:

Dang Fancy Words

If you believe every child can learn you'll raise the expectations and then you'll insist upon measurement to make sure that each child is tracked, that we disaggregate results. That's a fancy word for making sure that we understand whether or not each school is meeting certain standards, and then help for those that aren't, changes for those that aren't, and praise for those that are.

There Is Teachers

It is a tribute to the fact that there's teachers who taught in makeshift classrooms during renovations -- in other words, they care about the buildings, but they care more about education and were willing to teach no matter what the circumstances may be.