Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh no! Coyotes have joined the Animal Terrorist League!

Along with squirrels, raccoons, badgers and all, coyotes have joined the pack!:

PHOENIX -- Wary customers at North Valley grocery stores keep a watchful eye after several shoppers were recently threatened by three brazen coyotes.

The animals were killed after they were trying to snatch white grocery bags from customers at a Fry's supermarket at Tatum Road and Cave Creek Road.

"Coyotes are very smart animals," said Kriselle Colvin with Arizona Game & Fish.

"Once they know where food source is, they know white bags have food in them, so they'll go up and grab them," Colvin said.

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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I was working with some coyotes today. They are indeed very smart animals.

ellroon said...

They are brazen, too. They run through our Southern Californian town with impunity. Pets tend to disappear...