Sunday, August 19, 2007

N-n-n-nice t-t-t-try there, Kkkkkarl

Is it my imagination, or did Karl Rove splutter quite a bit while trying to answer the questions?

Update: Bill Moyers has the last word.


Anonymous said...

He's beowulf, and they're out to get him. That's what I think he said. Nice try, though, sounds like a nervous tic at this point.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, he's beyond beowulf, he's grendel. Nice to know.

ellroon said...

Both human and dragon, warrior and monster... uh huh. Right, Karl, you aren't anywhere near a heroic epic figure like Beowulf.

You are just a nasty pasty-white clammy-handed back-stabber who forced the worst president this country ever suffered under on to us. And no matter how many books you write, we will know the truth.