Monday, August 20, 2007

Kid Nation

I still can't get my head around the fact some parents actually let their children get involved with this tv series. Therapy alone will cost more that these kids will make... and you just know the parents will sue for pain inflicted on their kids.

Uh huh... right on time:

A parent of a child who participated in CBS' upcoming Kid Nation filed a complaint saying "the experience bordered on abuse and neglect," The New York Times reports. Among other things, "[s]everal children required medical attention after drinking bleach that had been left in an unmarked soda bottle, according to both the parent and CBS. One 11-year-old girl burned her face with splattered grease while cooking."

In addition, the 40 kids "were made to haul wagons loaded with supplies for more than a mile through the New Mexico countryside, and they worked long hours ... until at least 9:30 p.m., according to Taylor, a 10-year-old from Sylvester, Ga., who was made available by CBS to respond to questions about conditions on the set." Still, both she "and her mother, and another participant and his mother, all spoke enthusiastically about the show and said they believed the conditions on the set were adequate."

There were also "no tutors were present on the set. Though many states limit the number of hours children can work a day on television productions, [executive producer Tom] Forman said the children set their own hours." And CBS's Jonathan Anschell told the Times, "The children were not employed under the legal definition. They were not receiving set wages for performing specific tasks or working specific hours." However, all participants received $5,000, not including the $20,000 prizes given every three days.

An anonymous person sent letters of complaint, and separately, the mother of the girl who was burned with grease "requested an investigation into issues of child abuse, neglect and endangerment," the New York Times reports, but "the Santa Fe sheriff, said he had investigated the allegations but found no criminal activity."


Sorghum Crow said...

It boggles the mind. Did these parents not read Lord of the Flies?

ellroon said...

Omg, no WONDER this show bothered me so much. I had forgotten that book.

I'm assuming they have cameras and stuff all over the place and have some oversight so no real harm can come to the kids, but there will still be mental harm. And these kids will have themselves exposed on tv to the world... forever.

As you say, Sorghum Crow, it boggles the mind.