Saturday, June 27, 2009

When rightwing blowhards think all the armed crazies are on their side

They'll say anything hoping for an 'unfortunate incident' for which they will obviously be blameless.

Michael (Weiner) Savage (did you know this guy once hung out with Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg?!!):

Earlier this week on his radio show, Michael Savage vowed to post pictures and other ‘pertinent information’ about the staff of watchdog group Media Matters for America. In a statement during his radio show today he appeared to back off, saying only that an unidentified person was researching publicly available information such as the group’s tax filings. Non-profit organizations must file IRS form 990 and are available for public inspection.

Apparently his call for right wing talkers and fellow travelers to rise up against this media watchdog was met with a resounding silence. His attempt to push back and silence his critics appears to be a failure. It is difficult for Savage to push back against reporting that includes recordings of his own words.
Ann Coulter: Don't shoot an abortionist if you really really don't want to....

Keith Olbermann's response to Ann Coulter:

Spocko of Spocko's Brain
hoists the rightwingers on their own petard.


Mike Goldman said...

And Ann Coulter is a Deadhead, go figure.

ellroon said...

No way! ... /googles Omg, you're right! What went wrong?