Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THAT'S what we're talking about!!

Hitting the Republicans with the truth!
It's not every day that a sitting senator takes to the floor to call out a GOP strategist. But on Wednesday, Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley did just that, whacking messaging guru Frank Luntz for writing a blueprint for demonizing health care reform and Republican officials for dutifully following his lead.

Thank you Senator Jeff Merkley!!


Steve Bates said...

This is not your father's Republican Party... or your grandfather's, and it is most certainly not Abe Lincoln's. What is left of the GOP is sad indeed, and few will miss it when it's gone.

I am one of those rare Democrats who believe America needs no fewer than two political parties, one conservative and one (I should hope) liberal. But to describe today's GOP as "conservative" is to redefine the term. There is nothing remotely conservative about the party transformed by Dick Cheney and its current Senate leadership into something very nearly fascist in character. The old GOP is gone... utterly missing. In its place is an entity that lies ceaselessly, to no end except the maintenance of its own existence. As I said... sad indeed. And, I might add, dangerous.

Luntz has been a formulaic GOP hack for decades, and one may not reasonably expect him to change. He and his ilk need to go down, hard, perhaps with the entire current Republican superstructure, to be replaced with a party that actually gives one good damn about America's survival.

ellroon said...

The party that has American family values, my ass. What shall the new party be called?

The NeoRepublicans? The Don'tLookBackers? The ForgetAboutYesterdayians?

The Whigs?

Nissan 4x4 said...

Lol... I'm sorry i just thought that was funny... i agree though any one of those titles would fit nicely Ellroon