Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Crop circle predicts end of the world!

Cows explain the political systems of the world.

Meteorites, mysterious earthquakes and jellyfish-like lightning

Cookie Jill tells us the oceans are beginning to boil...

Spocko asks: What can we do economically about violent rhetoric on talk radio?

There will always be those waiting to prey on the elderly: How To Protect Susceptible Relatives From Scams

Just an thought: Who the hell thought up the word 'normalcy' and decided to make everybody use it? It's NORMALITY! You don't go around talking about abnormalcy, do you?


China reassesses North Korea:
Immediately after the May 25 nuclear test, Beijing's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) expressed the Chinese government's "resolute opposition", adding that Pyongyang had failed to heed the "international community's general opposition" to nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Yet, the MOFA also called on all parties to use "cool-headed and appropriate means" such as "consultation and dialogue" with the DPRK so as to resolve the question in a peaceful manner. Moreover, Beijing did not employ the highly charged word hanran, or "brazen", that it had used in October 2006 to condemn Pyongyang's first nuclear test after the start of the six-party talks. In a statement on June 2, MOFA spokesman Qin Gang further appealed to relevant countries to "remain calm and restrained, and not to take actions that will further escalate the situation".

Yet it is evident that the Hu leadership is undertaking a thorough revaluation of China's relationship with its "ally". This sea-change in Chinese opinion has apparently been brought about by Beijing's realization that Pyongyang is really serious about building a full-fledged nuclear arsenal.
What could possibly go wrong?
US navy prepares to intercept North Korean ship: The UN sanctions only allow the US to hail a North Korean ship and demand to be allowed to conduct a search, but not forcibly board it. North Korea has said a forcible search would be regarded as an act of war.

Reflecting heightened tension, the US today began moving radar systems and ground-to-air missiles to Hawaii. The Pentagon said it fears that Pyongyang could test-fire an intercontinental missile in the direction of Hawaii over the next few weeks in retaliation for the UN sanctions.

US officials designated the Kang Nam as being of "special interest" soon after it left port.

If the North Koreans refuse to allow a US crew to search the ship, the US could order it into the nearest port. Failing that, the USS John McCain could closely follow the ship until it reaches a port. The US would then be entitled to demand, under the UN sanctions agreement, that that country inspect the ship.
Media Matters' latest post on health care and the idiots who deny its need.

WASHINGTON — People on the government’s terrorist watch list tried to buy guns nearly 1,000 times in the last five years, and federal authorities cleared the purchases 9 times out of 10 because they had no legal way to stop them, according to a new government report.
One less reason to read the Washington Post?

Walking Sausage!


Sorghum Crow said...

"Crop circle experts believe the latest pattern to be discovered, a phoenix rising from the flames in Wiltshire, may give a warning about the end of the world."

Crop circle experts?! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

ellroon said...

Hey, c'mon... there's a lot of people who go and stand out in the fields contemplating stuff ... big agro-farmers, hippie weed experts...

Sorghum Crow said...

My farmer neighbor won a prize.

Seems he's out standing in his field, hahahahahahaha.
(It's been a long day)

ellroon said...

:D! It's been a long day... I laughed!