Sunday, June 07, 2009

Assassinating Dr. Tiller went so well

That now the religious fanatics are going after birth control pills, as we knew they would. It's never been about babies but about sex.

The right-wing American Life League and a handful of regional organizations will stand around outside U.S. pharmacies and Planned Parenthood chapters this weekend for the second annual "Protest the Pill Day." Dispatches from last year's protests, posted at, offer a sense of what to expect.

"About two dozen prayerful witnesses testified to the facts of death about the pill," reads last year's ALL report from the protest at a Planned Parenthood in Napa, Calif. "For one hour the prayers were offered for the many uninformed patrons who come asking the staff of Planned Parenthood to provide chemicals, hormones, and sex-education as an answer to their problems with the natural consequences of abuse of sex."

Their goal, apparently, is to force every woman back to the Scarlet Letter days, where shaming, shunning and stoning were employed to keep those sluts contained. Exactly how does ending birth control usage help end abortions? Lack of birth control makes women have MORE abortions, you guys!


Mike Goldman said...

It's not about abortions or sex, it's about controlling women. Period.

ellroon said...

You are right, Mike. The American religious fanatics are equivalent to the worst of the Taliban... How bizarre to find such similarities in people worlds apart but arriving at the same conclusion: Women need to be controlled.

ellroon said...

(Took me a moment, Mahakal..)

Mike Goldman said...

Maybe I'll keep using my given name. I'm not hiding from anyone.

Back during the Bush years, especially whereas I was openly doing things that the government might not like, I thought it best to avoid doing so.

Anyhow no matter whether you call me Michael or Mahakal, I'm still the same.

Back to the subject, there are Taliban everywhere. The only difference is who manages to take control. I don't want control, personally, but I will take it away from those who should not have it.

This isn't as hard as it sounds. We just need to raise consciousness. Those who are self realized cannot be controlled by anyone.

ellroon said...

Wasn't accusing you, just didn't remember that was one of your variations.

And yes, we need to raise consciousness... sadly, repeatedly. Daily.

Mike Goldman said...

No accusation was inferred. I was just clarifying.

I have some powerful tools at my disposal. We should be able to achieve a transformation in the consciousness of humanity in the next few years.

If non dual self realization is achieved you don't need to be reminded daily, you just know.

If you'd like to see how it can work, I'll have to send you something. E-mail me.

ellroon said...

Avendon at Side Show has a quote that fits:

What was the bridge between the posse movement and anti-abortionist fanaticism? The Sovereign crowd viewed women as chattel, and the prospect of an independent woman deciding to seek an abortion didn't sit well with them. I gained some insight into this line of thinking in another piece I once wrote about a young woman in Oklahoma who aspired to join the Christian Identity group, hoping that its followers would teach her to shoot and become a guerrilla. Instead, the men asked her for sex. When the woman replied that she wanted a relationship first, one of them replied, "Women are for breeding." According to one faction of the group, women who have abortions are race traitors and should be stoned to death. With that in mind, the fact that some members of the far-right became violent anti-abortionists perhaps shouldn't come as such a surprise.

The more "respectable" pro-forced-pregnancy groups publicly distance themselves from the violence of these people, but they don't actually spend much time distancing themselves from their fundamental mindset. Because they aren't really that far apart. And because they know that anti-abortion terrorism does their job for them.