Thursday, June 25, 2009

A petition and a swift kick to the posterior

(Not from California but still want to kick your elected official's butt? Try this link and put in your own state, otherwise you will find this petition on the righthand column under Take Action: Tell your senators: Support Obama on health care.)

Subject: Tell Sen. Feinstein to Support the Public Health Care Option

Dear Friend,

Instead of fighting for the change we need, Sen. Feinstein is putting the brakes on reform when it matters most.

President Obama is fighting an uphill battle to convince Congress to do what 72% of the American people want: provide a public health care option similar to Medicare for any American who wants one.

Yet Sen. Feinstein has refused to declare her support for the public health care option that millions of Californians desperately need.

Even more astonishing, Sen. Feinstein went on CNN last weekend to question whether the President has the votes in the Senate to pass his health care agenda.

Right now we have a chance to take bold steps to reform health care. The question of including a public option in health care reform is one of the most important policy battles in modern American history. So why isn't Sen. Feinstein on the right side of the issue?

Sign this petition today to tell Sen. Feinstein to stop pandering corporate interests and get on board with a reform supported by the President and an overwhelming number of Californians: a public health care plan.


Mike Goldman said...

Are we all just waiting for Franken to join the senate?

ellroon said...

Senator Cornyn is actively working for that to never happen.