Sunday, June 28, 2009

Listen to the children who have same sex parents

And realize they are loved and healthy and normal.

I'm speaking to you especially, Susan.


Steve Bates said...

One advantage of being a professional musician who happens to be straight is that one meets a lot of gay and lesbian musicians. Meeting them and getting to know them debunks a plethora of false stereotypes... including the deplorable slander that lesbians and gays are somehow deficient as parents. What garbage that is, and hate-filled garbage at that.

Sorry, tighty-righties, but I know far too many gay parents... and each and every one is a loving and committed parent. If you find the simple fact of gay parenthood offensive, I suggest you find another planet on which to spew your unjustified hatred.

ellroon said...

The religious extremists want everyone to live in their fantasy world of the imaginary 50s they saw on tv.... which never existed. Life is messier and more complicated than that, even back then.

I realize it's fear that makes them hate, being outside of their narrow comfort zones, but I wish they didn't get so much media attention to spread their virulent concepts.