Friday, June 19, 2009

How to win at arguments

(Stolen rudely from Phila of Bouphonia's post).

There's a list of 11 excellent points you should keep at hand for the debate before you end up having to use the folding chair on your opponent. Here is number 9:
9. What people say is less important than what they imply. What they imply is what the correct political analysis leads you to decide that they imply. Don’t take their account as to what they are saying: tell them what they are saying. Be abusive if necessary. You have been provoked.


Ali said...

I know what you're really saying here, and it's bulls**t. Are you some kind of idiot?

ellroon said...

Hey! Just watch your mouth you rampaging walrus! You're out of bounds and crazy as the bats in your head!

(Momentary jolt there, Ali. Really woke me up... I could get used to this though, quite therapeutic.)

Cut her mic! Where's my chair?!