Monday, June 01, 2009


Kevin Hayden of American Street about the murder of Dr. Tiller:
This assassination is not just a murder of a man, nor an act based on opposition to abortion. This is about hating women, finding ways to control them, harm their health and to take away their rights. And too many push those extreme views, provoking the most hateful or unbalanced to act out.
And Digby calls it terrorism.


Mahakal / महाकाल said...

It has always been a war against women, to subjugate and control them.

Steve Bates said...

Digby  and  many  others have called it terrorism, because that's what it is. Name me any important characteristic of terrorism not present in this heinous act... you can't do it; they're all present.

ellroon said...

Gee... homegrown terrorism. Who'd a thunk?