Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Ron Paul sounds wonderful

"We're not moving toward a Hitler-type fascism, but we're moving toward a softer fascism," he said. "Loss of civil liberties, corporations running the show, big government in bed with big business."
Ron Paul defends seeking funds for Texas district
Bennet Roth, Dec. 24, 2007, The Houston Chronicle
Until you do the research:
Now it's time to take a close look at Ron Paul. Because the real costs of what we must give up in exchange for Paul's `radical' ideas that can and do work, are being cast aside by most, stoked by the "Revolution" Paul promises, the man who has protected the Texas oil companies for most of his career in Congress.
By his own words, you shall know the man.


Distributorcap said...

softer fascism --- yes ron, you are the Charmin of Dictatorships. maybe we should dig up mr whipple and have him run

oops -- they already thought about that with Reagan over at the GOP

ellroon said...

How about gentler? No whips and chains, just no control over reproductivity, over health, money, over oil companies, pollution, ....

Ron Paul would be such a nice president....