Friday, January 11, 2008

Six years of Gitmo

Hasn't made us safer. Hasn't made us stronger. Hasn't made us more respected. Hasn't made us more feared. More hated, yes. More alone, yes. More disgraced, yes.

Six years of a homegrown concentration camp. Six years:
Six long years ago today, “the first orange-clad, shackled and blindfolded prisoners arrived at Guantanamo’s Camp X-Ray.” Since that “dark day in recent American history, more than 700 people have been detained without due process and not a single trial has been completed,” notes the ACLU.
As the world-wide protests go on, here is what an US appeals court decided:
A U.S. appeals court ruled today that “four former Guantanamo prisoners, all British citizens, have no right to sue top Pentagon officials and military officers for torture, abuse and violations of their religious rights.” The judge ruled that the defendants — including Donald Rumsfeld — “enjoyed qualified immunity for acts taken within the scope of their government jobs.”
Excuse me, your honor, judge, sir. Torture is against the Geneva Conventions. This administration eagerly urged our soldiers and the CIA to torture prisoners. Actions which sent Japanese and Germans to prison after WWII. Torture is illegal. There should be no 'qualified immunity for acts' that were ILLEGAL and MORALLY WRONG.

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