Monday, January 21, 2008

How about just reporting the truth?

Instead of cutting reporters and having an editorial board filled with rightwingers? I mean... The Los Angeles Times actually prints Jonah Goldberg's 'opinions'....

Los Angeles, California (AHN) - Top editor of a newspaper was fired over a dispute to order newsroom budget cuts up to $4 million.

James O'Shea, the Los Angeles Times editor, left after he rejected a management order, becoming the third editor within 1 and a half years who was fired over a confrontation with the top members of the newspaper.

The 64-year-old O'Shea, who had replaced Dean Baquet in November 2006, was fired by the Times Publisher David D. Hiller following a confrontation in between them.

O'Shea was the Chicago Tribune's managing editor before the Times following which the Times' parent, Chicago-based Tribune Co., was acquired by real estate magnate Sam Zell.

"All this other stuff that we talk about in terms of budgets and employees, those problems all emanate from declining readership," O'Shea told Chicago Tribune right after his appointment to the Times.

"Turn that around and all these other problems become easier to solve."

Baquet was also forced to resign from his position after he opposed further cuts to the newsroom budget in 2006.

I have been a subscriber to The Los Angeles Times for decades but will leave them in an instant if they tilt any more to the right. Declining readership isn't because of the net, it's because of the obvious catapulting of the White House propaganda and constrained journalism. Either understand your readers' expectations for unbiased reporting or lose subscribers. No one wants to read Fox News in print.


Steve Bates said...

I dumped the Houston Chronicle after subscribing for about 30 years. Their news reporting was passable, but their editorial board endorsed GeeDubya in 2000, despite the fact that the city of Houston is majority Democratic (we won't talk about the surrounding areas)... and that was more than I could bear.

ellroon said...

I hear you. I know I've been close to dumping it on a few occasions, but what would I use for my art projects?

Jonah Goldberg's column being brought on while Robert Scheer being dumped was almost the last straw. Jonah is truly an idiot and he is what they offer up as proof of 'balanced' news?

I don't know if Rumsfeld is still lurking in the background either. But I am getting truly tired of being force fed rightwing bullshit.

Distributorcap said...

when the NY Times hired Bill Kristol -- that was it for me --- i almost left over Judy Miller
but hung on

now i am gone -- i have bought since 1/1 -- and i guess Bill Keller doesnt miss my $11.50/week or my 25-54 year old eyeballs that read their ads. a 35 year loyal customer --- and all i miss is Frank Rich, the HOme section and the crossword puzzle.....

my letter to keller is posted on my website --

needless to say i havent heard back -- and needless to say keller hasnt seen a nickel of my money and wont

i can get all i need on line...

ellroon said...

DCap, it's worth blogwhoring again.

An excellent letter.