Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wait! There must be another page to the list!

Wil Robinson of International Political Will talks about the latest attempt to move Afghans from producing opium poppies ... by planting pomegranates:
Let’s review the many ways our government has told us we can fight terrorism:

Go shopping

Surrender privacy rights

Shred the U.S. Constitution

Throw out habeas corpus

Rewrite the Geneva Conventions


Promote democracy and then actively sabotage it when you don’t like the result (see: Hamas)

Fund military despots around the world (see: Egypt, Pakistan, et. al.)

Veto United Nations Security Council Resolutions calling for Israel to respect human rights and international law


Take off our shoes and go thirsty when traveling on a plane

Deploy a mercenary army with no accountability

Invade countries that didn’t attack us

Continue to placate the one that did (see: Saudi Arabia)

Lower the price of oil by “drilling now”

Refer to the enemy as “homicide bombers” but our own bombs as “smart”

Issue travel warnings to reduce cultural interaction

Color-code fear

Entrapment (see: Hamid Hayat, the Lodi “terrorist”)

Blame Al Jazeera and/or free speech for showing photos of people we killed

Build walls (in Israel or on the Mexican border)

Spend a trillion dollars on an unnecessary war instead of domestic development

Send more troops

Blame religion

Drop bombs on villages from remote-controlled airplanes

And now…Buy pomegranates

It seems we have tried just about everything – except the most obvious:

Stop killing non-white, impoverished Muslims.
Nonsense, I have loads more ideas like.... kites! Selling kites and... um... nuts! and ... Ignore those drones, eat more fruit!


Anonymous said...

Afghanistan long supplied most of the world's opium before the Taliban took over, then the Taliban banned it and production fell sharply. Then we toppled the Taliban and opium production went up to record levels.

Actions have consequences. Now we do need to find a solution to the heroin epidemic and it doesn't seem that the war on drugs works very well.

Afghanistan is also known for excellent cannabis and we ought to encourage them to grow more of that. I'm not sure that pomegranates will fetch quite the same value.

ellroon said...

How about mixing pomegranate juice with pot? ;D

Ali said...

pomegranate martinis, now with added THC!

ellroon said...

Getting juiced has a whole new meaning!

Anonymous said...

Okay what you do is heat your pomegranate juice and mix it with some nice butter and honey to sweeten it a bit. Lovely fruit tea, I'm sure.

ellroon said...

Oooh! Sounds delicious.

Now if we make those Afghan pomegranates we're saving the world!

Anonymous said...

Maybe use some Afghan Kush for the butter, too.

ellroon said...

Afghan Kush? Yaks eating hemp and producing weird butter....?

Anonymous said...

Something like that. You could probably Google for some images.

Anyhow, I'm trying this tasty beverage now, and I do mean it is tasty!

ellroon said...

Off to google...

Ohhhh... looks fuzzy.