Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cork it.

TerraCycle is saving millions of corks from going into landfills. We are recruiting wine enthusiasts, restaurants, bars, tasting rooms and wineries to keep used corks out of the waste stream. As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle upcycles used corks - both natural and synthetic - into cool products are available nationally at major retailers.

If you normally put corks in the trash, this program gives you a planet friendlier option! Click here for the Cork Brigade FAQ.

Participating in the Cork Brigade is easy! All you have to do is mail corks to TerraCycle! If you have lots of corks, we will pay shipping and provide downloadable shipping labels. Sign up, activate your account, follow the email instructions and voila! You can begin sending corks to TerraCycle and away from landfills.
Looks like they make stuff from the corks, too. Drink more and faster!


Steve Bates said...

A right-wing-nut jurist named Bork
Likes drinking his wine from a fork.
I also might mention
He garners attention
By eating his beans with a cork.

- SB the YDD

ellroon said...

I must plot my revenge...