Friday, February 13, 2009

Is this to keep them out or us in?


After a couple of false starts, Predator unmanned drone aircraft are scheduled to start roaming the Canadian border next week.

State and federal officials will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Grand Forks Air Force Base Monday, where the first Predator arrived in early December.

That ceremonial milestone had to be delayed twice because of a maintenance problem and turbulent weather.

The Predators, unarmed versions of the aircraft being used in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, have been patrolling the Mexican border since 2005. The Grand Forks base is the fourth of five outposts along the northern border where the aircraft will be based.

Why does this not comfort me?


Ali said...

that's odd. Maybe they're looking for drugs. Must be lots of pot being shipped south.

ellroon said...

Canada grows more pot than California?

Ali said...

it's a huge secret industry in BC. but i don't know whether california grows more.

darkblack said...

It's not to keep us out. It's to keep you in.


Ali said...

darkblack, it'd be hard to imagine any canuck wanting to leave here to make a life there. Maybe the really dumb ones.

ellroon said...

It sounds like Canadians have been more intelligent about a lot of things... no wonder we want to pour over the border!