Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This comforts me

Even though I'm beginning to worry about Loyal Bushie moles and legacy polishers and Pentagon sabotage and Republicans grandstanding and everything....


(via Rook at Rook's Rant)


Steve Bates said...

Great picture.

Obama's fondness for basketball leads me to tell of the only pro basketball game I ever saw in person, about 15(?) years ago. It was Rockets vs. Mavs, in The Summit (which is now a mega-TV-church). I sat at about eye-level (my boss's seats), at the Rockets' end of the court.

Mavs led by 1 point with 0.4 seconds to go. Rockets possessed the ball, in their own court, after a Dallas out-of-bounds. Up stepped Hakeem Olajuwon, took the pass inbounds, turned and shot all in one motion (I was told later that his entire effort took 0.2 seconds). Of course you know the outcome, or I wouldn't be telling this story.

But the point is this... from my perfect vantage point, I saw Olajuwon's facial expression: his utter confidence under pressure looked a lot like what I see on Obama's face. I can only hope the outcome for our nation is the same as Olajuwon's on that occasion.

ellroon said...

Wonderful story, Steve, thanks. And yes please. May Obama get nothing but net in all of his endeavors.