Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Giving away your personal information for free

And you don't even know it:

Cruising through downtown San Francisco in his car with a $250 homebrew RFID reader setup consisting of a Symbol XR400 RFID reader and a Motorola AN400 patch antenna stuck to the side of his Volvo, he snagged the info off of two passports in just 20 minutes. The point, he says, is "mainly to defeat the argument that you can't do it in the real world, that there's no real-world attack here, that it's all theoretical." The range of his gear is about 30 feet, which is plenty of clearance.


Steve Bates said...

So, ellroon... are you going to buy a DIFRWEAR wallet or passport case?

(If I planned to travel, I probably would do so. I've been ID-thieved once; I don't care to have it happen again.)

ellroon said...

DIFRWEAR? I thought just a tinfoil body wrap would get me quickly through the airport detection devices...