Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because liberals have cooties?

And we're not afraid of teh gaii? Nor the scary black islamofascist socialisticcommie president? What the hell is George Will worried about? The world is going up in flames and he's fascinated by a reach across the aisles?

Anyway, guys have been hugging each other for centuries...


Steve Bates said...

Will is a man who, when he writes about global climate change, makes shit up... I mean literally fabricates content. Why should anyone listen to anything else he says?

The kindest way to view it is that George Will is suffering the onset of dementia, and this was just another example of the loss of socialization that people often experience in such a circumstance. But that's the kindest view, and you know I don't believe it.

ellroon said...

I think he's used to delivering sermons from the mount and scorns challenges to his words by the unwashed masses.

He's working hard on Bush's reality even though the stage curtain has come down, the wheels have blown off, the mute button is unclicked, and the facts are in.

He's still operating with the unshakable fact that he is George Will so he must be right.

Bryan said...

You have to wonder if he has ever seen a sporting event, say a baseball game, and watched the interaction of the players.

He's a conservative Republican - reality doesn't intrude.

Rhode Island Rules said...

But he is a vain man, judging by that bad rug on his head. Men have been hugging (and even kissing in the case of Europeans) for a long, long time. Where the hell has he been?

ellroon said...

I'm sure he considers his rug to be perfectly situated, Rhode Island Rules! It's on his head, therefore it is good.

Bryan, I'll bet Will has never even PLAYED a sports game to know the rough and tumble of such things.