Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does...

Ann Coulter said what?    You mean all those lone white male shooters were ... fake?

Harassing a man who helped during the Sandy Hook tragedy because... um... he uh.. because Sandy Hook is a conspiracy to take away your anti-tank gun.  And James Yeager, Tactical Response CEO is apologizing for threatening to kill people with the guns people are trying to take away from him because um.. bad press?...

No, rape does not happen by 'accident'.  And in India,  some are sure it's the Western World's fault.  (And thankfully, some are sure it's not.)

Fast food is killing us.

What denying access to abortions does to women.

What 'nuclear gerrymandering' will do.


Steve Bates said...

I know a family in which the 20-odd-year-old daughter got pregnant unintentionally. The baby is lovely, but baby's father absconded to another state to avoid child support. The father's parents are contributing money to the baby's rearing, and want the baby to grow up knowing her grandparents, but there's a limit to what they can manage, living in another state. As to the most concerned family: baby's mom expected a proposal but it was not forthcoming; she loves the tot but is emotionally (and financially) devastated; her parents love being grandparents but were driven into financial difficulty toward the end of granddad's career... he, like me, was self-employed... and finally, negotiations between the two "clans" continue as the baby grows. Short version: when children are born out of wedlock, NO ONE in the family is unaffected. Anyone who thinks the baby's mother is deservedly punished simply hasn't looked left and right to see what happens to other people due to that one event. Whatever else it is, abortion vs. birth is NOT a simple or inconsequential decision. And it is certainly NOT the business of those not directly affected by it.

ellroon said...

Exactly. Well said, Steve. Why do we have to listen to the hysteric rantings about saving babies when the anti-choice people really just want to punish those who dared have sex? They carry on about fetuses but offer no child care, family support. Pro-life my ass.

sage said...

two words
cannon fodder
as we have an "all volunteer" Army, the economically disadvantaged are your best bet to "volunteer"
gotta keep a supply of them

ellroon said...

Yes, the wealthy will never have to 'serve' our country, the poor will be the first to die because they are 'unimportant'. Lord help us all.