Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Off to a running start...

The winners of the 2012 Golden Duke awards.

States that allow cameras in dressing rooms

Parenting in timelapse

Hunting pythons... in Florida.

Italy looks fondly back on Mussolini.. things must really be getting bad over there.

Ezra Klein's take on the fiscal cliff/ curve/ curb.  And BooMan reassures us.


Steve Bates said...

'Mussolini' reminds me of those ancients in Austria 35 years ago, who would spot me (or any American) in a city park, buttonhole me and tell me all about their suffering in WWII. Of course they never blamed Germany, always America... always very politely, but clearly they missed the Nazis. At least all those oldsters are probably dead now.

BTW... hello again! I may be home soon, or not. I'll keep you posted.

ellroon said...

We wait with bated breath!