Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama has got it in for you....

If you've hoarded all that food and ammo and super duper weaponry, if you've prepared to go Galt, shifted your cash into gold, planted your vegetables, found a subservient woman, made your house into a bunker, if you've prepared for the Rapture and carefully cultivated a deep suspicion and hatred of the 'other'.... you really really WANT the government to fail.

You want to be able to say, "I told you so!".  You want to be able to drive past empty grocery stores with rioting mobs feeling only scorn and superiority. You want to justifiably shoot your zombified neighbors through the door as they beg for your delicious food. You want to see the dollar bill become useless, the banks to crash, the world economy to shriek grindingly to a halt while you start a new economy based on gold traded between like-minded heavily armed encampments. And finally you want to rapture up into heaven where you get to mock those stupid 'others' dying in horrific and agonizing ways because they did not happen to be white evangelicals from your particular church.

It's the tedious waiting and waiting and waiting for all this to come about that makes some of the guys understandably try and activate the revolution/ crash/ Rapture by themselves, going out to the school, the mall, the theater or their job site to shoot up a few extraneous people.

Facts don't matter.  What you think is the only thing that matters.  And you know that Obama is going to personally come to your house and take all your guns away and make you weak and feeble like those hippie fascist commie liberals.

Jon Stewart agrees.

NTodd has a great deal to say.  So does Steve Bates.  And Bryan.  Maddow catches a Texas senator denying there is a gun show loophole.  Another entire family completely destroyed by guns.  And more die while we talk.  Even Republicans are not sure about some pro-gun bills.


Steve Bates said...

Wasn't there a Japanese musical in 1990 named Pro-gun?

Yeah, I know; it isn't really funny...

ellroon said...

Actually, you made me smile. Very punny. :D