Thursday, January 31, 2013

Has the country finally gone completely mad?

While we try to fix the problem:
Newtown families call for stricter gun laws to prevent further tragedy

10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down

Why Was An Anti-Feminist Organization Using Senate Time to Sell Guns

Joe Biden: Gun Laws Won't 'Guarantee' End To Mass Shootings

Gabby Giffords.

Idiots are trying to legislate:

Republican lawmaker’s bill mandates NRA gun training for Missouri first graders

The Mentally Ill Appear at the Gun Hearing

Meet the NRA's enemies list. As you'd expect, it's nuts.

And people are still dying:

Texas prosecutor shot multiple times in broad daylight

Assault rifle found in car of suspected Phoenix shooter

Price Middle School Shooting: Multiple Injuries In Attack At Southeast Atlanta School


Steve Bates said...

All day long I staved off crying as I faced a succession of pieces of music from my childhood, music I shall never play again. To many this is no tragedy and no victory; to me, it was. Then I listened to Rep. Giffords's short speech, delivered with a passion I would not have thought possible... and I fell immediately into tears.

We've got to stop killing our children. I don't know how, but we've got to do it. The issue is not political; the action is not optional: stop the killing or see our society collapse. We must do this.

ellroon said...

I understand the mourning for lost expression. To have your voice silenced is horrible and I'm so sorry. I am comforted by a conversation I had with a fellow artist who said there are other ways of expressing yourself because they are all from the same muse. I hope your love of all things musical can be satisfied in other ways.

Hugs to you, Steve.