Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wars, global warming, health care crisis and economic collapse

And all the GOP can offer is pizza.... and the same old pig with a new shade of lipstick.

It's not a marketing problem, you guys. It's that we've seen the Republican agenda up close and personal for the last eight years and have been shown it. does. not. work. The wreckage in which we are sitting right now is because of Republicans.

You can't dress up a disaster and get people to buy it.

Update: Lincoln Mitchell of the Huffington Pos on rebranding:
The problems the Republican Party faces, however, will not be solved by rebranding. The Republicans don't have problems of slogan or presentation. Their problems go much deeper than that. In these days of increased concern about swine flu, porcine allusions may require even more sensitivity than ever, but simply rebranding the Republican Party by somehow updating its image, with apologies to Sarah Palin, really is putting lipstick on a pig.


Anonymous said...

But what if it's really, really good pizza?

ellroon said...

I've been known to sell my soul for good pizza but this would have been asking too much! (And apparently it was good pizza via KTLK radio this morning...)