Saturday, May 16, 2009

Did you ever imagine Americans would support torture?


Read Batocchio of the Vagabond Scholar:
Defending torture insistently means one's moral compass is pointing straight down to hell. I continue to believe it's essential to confront the dangerous and evil lie that torture "works" and that we're all going to die if we respect human rights, follow the law, or dare to investigate - let alone prosecute - the people responsible for these horribly shameful and criminal policies. However, as many have noted, that we are "debating" torture's usefulness at all means we've failed somehow as a society. As Scott Horton quipped in December 2008, "Perhaps for Christmas proper we’ll be treated to arguments for and against genocide, and on the fourth day of Christmas we’ll read the arguments for and against the practice of infanticide."
Read the entire post. No American, no real Christian, no human being could do these things to another. It's called torture. It's inhuman and inhumane.

And the Bush administration dug deep into the Dark Ages and brought it back.

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