Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Franken wins by +312 votes.

Number of days Norm Coleman seemed to lead: 43. (Nov. 4 through hand recount and end of rulings on challenged ballots: Dec. 17)
Number of days Al Franken has certifiably led: 140 (Dec. 18 to NOW)

Number of days since election day (Nov. 4): 183

Number of days until MN Supreme Court hears oral arguments of appeal of Coleman v. Franken: 26 (June 1)

You gonna take all day about this?

Because you lost and you look like a first class idiot.

Update: Biden shows class and meets with Franken.

(edited for clarity.)


Sorghum Crow said...

Will some one please give Norm his Tee-ball trophy, thank him for playing, and send his *ss home?

ellroon said...

I wonder if he realizes he will forever be known in the history books as the idiot who refused to concede. He's become a laughingstock.

Distributorcap said...

becoming a laughingstock - he IS a laughingstock


what is nice is that he is sinking anyh chance of any comeback any time

ellroon said...

Well, Republicans must have some vampire blood from Cheney because they keep on rising from the dead. Look at Newt.

So we need all the youtubed video they have of Norm demanding recounts and losing just so when he comes back people are ready.