Sunday, May 03, 2009

Now they tell us...

British intel is complaining they were dragged into Bush's war:
Britain was "dragged into a war in Iraq which was always against out better judgment" the former deputy head of MI6 has claimed, in a remark that will reignite the debate over political interference in the war.
Sad to admit it, but thank God Edwards did not become president. We'd be neck deep in the meaning of 'is':
RALEIGH, N.C. – Failed presidential candidate John Edwards, whose political action committee paid more than $100,000 to his mistress' company, acknowledged Sunday that federal investigators were looking into how he handled his campaign funds.

But the former North Carolina senator said he was confident no money was used improperly.
The Hummer is a shitty car? Who knew?:
We also found huge differences between the best and worst values. The Hummer H2, for example, is a terrible deal, with a bucks-per-bang figure of $3,620 because of a high five-year owner cost of about $82,250 and a low test score of only 23.
Pakistan is still building more nuclear weapon sites?:
WASHINGTON — Pakistan is expanding its nuclear weapons program even as Islamic extremists in northwest Pakistan advance in the direction of several highly sensitive nuclear-related sites, U.S. officials and other experts said this week.


Anonymous said...

See, the problem with shitty little sex scandals like this (Edwards') isn't the sex, but the dishonesty. We've had too many dishonest presidents. It's nice to have a president who, whether he always says what I agree with or not, tells the truth as he sees it whether it be important or trivial.

I want to be able to look the president in the eyes and know that he's giving it to us straight.

ellroon said...

Exactly. The problem is we don't get honesty with the way we develop our politicians. There's gotta be a better way.