Friday, May 22, 2009

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When you really really want to have a digger toy that works.

Economic downturns force people to make cheaper cuts of beef taste delicious.

Oh, SHUT UP. Who the fuck cares what you feeling right now, Georgie? We're still digging out from the wreckage you caused during your eight horribly long years in office.

Bibles burned in Afghanistan ... by our military. Where are the frothing writhing religious wingnuts on this?:

The US army in Afghanistan has burned Bibles printed in local languages, a US colonel in Afghanistan has said, amid concerns they could have been used to try to convert Afghans.

"My understanding is that the [military] leadership confiscated these Bibles so that they could not be distributed around Afghanistan," Colonel Greg Julian told Al Jazeera on Wednesday.

"It was their best judgement at the time, that the best way to deal with it, was to destroy them and I understand that they were burnt."

Al Jazeera broadcast footage earlier this month showing troops apparently discussing how best to convert Afghans to their faith.

How very odd: Gasoline prices swing higher before holiday. Who could have predicted this?!

Obama and Cheney at 40 paces:

Keith Olbermann's special comment:

The party that loves America so much that they'd never do anything to hurt it for partisan reasons?
The NRSC has just plowed another $750,000 into Coleman’s recount effort, raising questions about whether GOP donors are funding an effort they know is doomed merely to keep the seat empty as long as possible.

Asked about this, Van Dongen said the goal was to put Coleman in the seat, but added: “Is it better empty than in Franken’s hands? Hell, yeah.”
The horrors of a 'preventive-detention law'. President Obama, are you actually considering this?


Mahakal / महाकाल said...

If you want to detain prisoners without charging them, perhaps you should give them POW designation.

ellroon said...

But then the Geneva Conventions will apply and everyone will find out what the Bush administration did to them... oh.

Ok. POW status sounds good!