Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fox lies

Because they can't handle the truth.

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Over the past two weeks alone, we have documented multiple instances of Fox News airing video clips of progressives that were cropped in a way that blatantly misrepresented their original statements.

Fox's distortive editing is evidence of a larger pattern at the network. These smears stand in stark contrast to basic journalistic ethics. Fox News is doing its viewers a disservice by providing them with blatant misinformation that blurs the line separating news and legitimate commentary from political activism and demagoguery.

Watch the video, then email Fox News and let them know we deserve the unedited truth, not manufactured smears.


Distributorcap said...

we have to stop calling this a news organization.

we all know they lie, even the wingnuts who watch them know they lie.

ellroon said...

They don't know why it worked so well in 2000 and is not working now in 2009. Could it mean Americans have finally become aware of the Republican lies?

Or is it just because our pocketbooks and our properties are being threatened that we've woken up?