Monday, March 09, 2009

What, no job openings for arrogant fucking bastards?


Think Progress:
Former officials of the Bush administration have had a notoriously hard time finding work. In February, the Wall Street Journal reported that “only 25% to 30% of ex-Bush officials seeking full-time jobs have succeeded.” The New York Times reports today that one of the down on his luck Bushies is top Cheney aide David Addington:

David S. Addington, a top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney who was a forceful voice in internal legal debates, is also said to still be looking for work. The former Pentagon general counsel William Haynes II had been nominated by Mr. Bush for an appeals court judgeship, but was blocked because of his role in detention policies.

The Times suggests that the inability of Addington and other Bush lawyers to find work is a “likely consequence” of the fact that they “blessed conduct that most mainstream legal scholars contend was, in fact, illegal.”

Why can't he go work for Cheney? I'm sure he'd have an extra chair in his homemade secure undisclosed location... a man's gotta keep his hand in for the upcoming shadow government.


Distributorcap said...


i hope the greedy banks foreclose on their homes

ellroon said...

Let them start an encampment of tattered tents on Bush's lawn...

Natarajaprabhu said...

Hi Friends,
There are plenty of job

in India.Just post your resume and get your dream job.All the best

ellroon said...

Well, Natarajaprabhu... if you will take David Addington, more power to you! In fact I'm sure we would PAY you to take David Addington!