Monday, March 02, 2009

Keep your eyes peeled

He'll pop up again somewhere else...
(CNN) -- Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater Worldwide security firm, announced Monday he has resigned as head of the company, recently renamed Xe.

Prince, in an e-mail to employees and independent contractors, said Danielle Esposito will become chief operating officer and executive vice president. Esposito has worked for the firm and its partners for nearly 10 years.

Blackwater/Xe's president, Gary Jackson, is also retiring, Prince said.

The position of CEO will remain open, the company said.

Prince did not elaborate on what he planned to do next, saying only that "I will be taking on new challenges that I have not yet had the chance to tackle."

The State Department has decided not to renew Blackwater/Xe's contract in Iraq when it expires in May, a State Department official told CNN in late January.

That followed a refusal by the Iraqi government to renew the firm's operating license because of a 2007 incident in which the Iraqi government says security guards -- then employed by Blackwater -- fired upon and killed 17 Iraqi civilians.


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